MATADOR is a German pioneer in the tool industry. Since 1900 we have been producing quality hand tools "around the screw". MATADOR is the opposite of mainstream. We stand for upmarket premium tools. Reliable, design-focused, efficient. For decision-makers, fighters and everyday heros. For real MATADORs.

For people who know and express what they want. People who are inside the arena, not in the stands. Who know the difference between tools and toys. Who believe in themselves.

Welcome to the arena! Be a MATADOR.
Cross-cut Chisels, Set, MATADOR 07159050
Cross-cut ChiselsAll important cross-cut chisels in practical roll bag made of black synthetic leather. With strap sealing, 5 compartments. For cutting metal. For narrow groves or inner edges. With regrindable cutting edge. Through-hardened cutting edge. Content: 125 - 150 - 175 - 200 - 250 mm

2C T-handle offset screwdriver set, TORX®, MATADOR 04469090
Classic angle screwdrivers for quick assembly. Long design. For internal TORX® screws.  For hard-to-reach places. Set of 2K T-handle angle screwdriver (TORX®). 9 pcs. Set of 2K T-handle angle screwdriver for internal TORX® screws, long shape. All important quantities in one set. Set in practical tool roll bag made of black imitation leather, with strap closure and 10 compartments. Dimensions: 460 x 320 mm.Content:  T10 - T15 - T20 - T25 - T27 - T30 - T40 - T45 - T50.

10 mm (3/8") Reversible Ratchet Z90, MATADOR 30610090, The new Z90
It takes a bit more to make a really good ratchet. More teeth. More power. More grip. More freedom. More design. The new Z90. New and modern quality lever-action ratchet with innovative 90-tooth technology (2x4 double pawls made of high-performance special steel for maximum power development). With extra small swivel angle of only 4° (25% smaller swivel angle than commercially available fine-toothed ratchets) - perfect for working in hard-to-reach places and in narrow installation spaces. Extremely stable square shank made of chrome vanadium steel, enables high loads in any situation. With recessed, flat reversing lever for quick changes of direction. With push-button lock for safe working. This makes unintentional loosening of the sockets & extensions impossible. With modern designed, ergonomic multi-component handle for optimal handling. Light grey, soft and particularly slip-resistant zone for good grip feeling and comfortable finger support. Medium grey, nubby zone for a flat, non-slip grip and best power transmission. Black, hard zone for maximum stability and fast grip without "sticking". With practical hanging hole at the end of the handle to secure the ratchet or for storage on the tool wall. Total length: 200 mm.

smartyBOX, 25 pcs S2 - Compact 81453115
smartyBOX S2 - CompactIntelligent tools ultra-compact. Intelligent tools with numerous additional features in a versatile transport box - that is the concept of the MATADOR smartyBOX. Small, compact, stackable and can be clicked onto each other for convenient transport. Thus you always have your most needed tools directly available on site. The S2 is the perfect compact set for all bigger screwing tasks from 6 - 22 mm. Thanks to the handy 3/8“ drive of the new 90-teeth ratchet Z90 and together with the 8° swiveling extension bars you do no longer need to worry about hard-toreach areas. If more power is required especially high torque values (up to 50% above DIN standard) prove their advantage. The adjustable wrench helps countering nuts or whenever bolts and cables require an open ended wrench. The smartyBOX - really smart.

smartyBOX S5, 75 pcs, MATADOR 81454118
The smartyBOX S4Socket sets of the latest generation.The S4, 75 pcs, is the complete set in 1/4 “and 1/2“ for all screw connections from 4 - 32 mm. The ideal combination of ratchets, accessories and sockets. This full range of features is supplemented by the multi-functional plug-in handle with bayonet mount for bit and square drive. This means that all (1/4 ") socket wrench inserts and the bits can be driven. A drill adapter is also included, which enables the use of the (1/4") socket wrench inserts and the bits (with color coding system). All tools are safely housed in a soft foam insert. The quality plastic box is perfect for mobile use and also in any workshop. The MATADOR i-Boxx 72 reliably protects the socket wrench sets from splash water and enables maximum order. It can be integrated into the MATADOR system. The robust box can be loaded up to 5 kg and offers a perfect overview thanks to the transparent lid and the handle that can be labeled. External dimensions (W x D x H): 367 x 316 x 72 mm.



The SMARTY box in compact size, only 145x95mm, fits in every compartment, even in the desk. The ideal tool for the "always on hand" mentality. The MATADOR multi-ratchet with metal handle and 72 teeth for a small swivel angle makes it possible to work in tighter spaces. The high-quality metal handle sits very well in the hand and makes it easy to work with. Professional bit holder. With 30 standard bits made of S2 material (25mm) and 6 extra long screwdriver blades (75mm) with colour coding system for quick identification. Professional bit holder with magnetic and mechanical locking for effective working. 


smartyBox Syteme


The Z90 combines innovative 90-tooth technology with a modern multi-component handle for the best ergonomics. It also has a 25% smaller swivel angle (4°) than commercially available fine-toothed ratchets. With a 4° follow angle, it is perfect for working in confined spaces. The Z90 is the ideal, all-round ratchet of the 21st century. The Z90 ratchet has 50% more torque than required by DIN (e.g. 12.5 mm (1/2") > 750 N-m). It still loosens screws when other ratchets have long since given up. An extremely stable square shank made of chrome vanadium steel, allows high loads in any situation. The recessed, flat shift lever is ideal for quick changes of direction.

It takes a little more to build a really good ratchet.

The Z90


MATADOR is one of the pioneers of the German tool industry. Since 1900 we have been producing quality hand tools "around the screw" at our site in Remscheid, the centre of the German tool industry. Our core competences are spanners, sockets, torque and pneumatic tools as well as modular systems. For screws from 3.2 - 230 mm. Over 4,500 catalogue items. Proven millions of times. Available in >70 countries. For ambitious users in industry, trade and automotive. MATADOR is an accredited initial supplier to leading automotive groups, including Audi, Bosch, Ford, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo and many others.